"She is clothed with strength and dignity; She laughs at the days to come." -Proverbs 31:25
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The 20's Project

So, I am stealing this idea from a very good friend of mine, L. She is someone I admire and am so very thankful for her friendship. 

This project is what I am calling "The 20’s Project". This is where I am making a list of twenty things to do in my twenty’s. Seeing, as I am starting a year behind, it may make it a bit more challenging, but I want to “give it a whirl”. 

Note: each item can only be dependent on me. I cannot put something on the list that makes me dependent on someone else [i.e. marriage].Also, this will be an ongoing list. I don’t have everything that I want to do in mind, yet, and some items may change. So, bare with me! As something is accomplished on the list, I will edit the item to a “strike-through” font. 

1. Read the entire bible.

2. Ride a motorcycle 

3. Skydive

4. Get a full-body message 

5. Memorize an entire chapter of the Bible

6. Backpack part of Appalachian Trail

7. Order breakfast in bed (room service), at a fancy hotel. 

8. Run a half marathon

9. Glacier Park

10. Visit 5 National Parks

11. Visit New York City

12. Travel to Europe 

13. Try a cigar

14. Go to a Sara Bareilles concert

15. Visit California

16. Go to a vineyard & wine taste

17. Start my teaching career

18. Attend a NFL Football game

19. Take a cooking class

20. Serve on a missions Trip


21. Learn to ski