"She is clothed with strength and dignity; She laughs at the days to come." -Proverbs 31:25
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ninety degrees & sundresses. #hothothot #work
this girl knows how to brighten an afternoon. love her.
watching Up! #work

are all first and second graders always so touchy? seriously, i had to talk to quite a few kids about keeping their hands to themselves today. and two had to sit in time-out due to not listening. 

goodness, i don’t remember ever being that touchy! 

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off to work!

hopefully the little rascals aren’t … well, rascals, today! 

gotta love them, though! 

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oh, the possibilities are looking up! send emails to the right people and you have answers (partially). looking forward to what this brings!

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wouldn’t it be nice?

if you could earn a paycheck doing the day-to-day thing?

for waking up and drinking coffee, for getting some reading done, for going on a run, for updating on emails and current events, etc.

i’m in a rut when it comes to work. yes, i have a job, however if you ask if the hours are enough to make ends meet from paycheck to paycheck, i’d have to honestly answer “no.” 

the thing is my work depends on the number of patients that are scheduled. summer time is a slow time and there aren’t many patients coming in, which means little to no work for me. 

to say the least i am thankful i have a job, i just need to have patience to wait until about august/september for work to pick up with the corporations we do testing with. 

and i am thankful for the odds and ends jobs i have with some babysitting, childcare and house/dog sitting jobs. i need only be patient. 

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one of the worst parts of my jobs: trying to read a doctors encrypted handwriting. 

seriously, take the extra seconds to not write sloppily. it makes life so much easier, for all who work for you! 

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what do you do when you finish your days worth of work, in the first hour you’re at work? 

sitting here, bored out of my mind! 

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direct quote from work, when discussing the kind of beers we like. 

Sarah*, “Shoot, I forgot to drink last night.” 

Ben*, “That has to be my favorite sentence of the day.” 

[* names have been changed for privacy of persons]

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just got off from my day job (9-5), home for a quick bite to eat, then off to the church for childcare. 

it’s been busy, but good because i got paid! [and it was a great number!]. off to hang out with awesome little one’s! 

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mentally exhausted.

it’s like the entire semester decided to hit me, today. and work is chaos, but good [just really tiring at times]. boss man gets back from his vacation, so i’ll be putting in quite a few hours next week [back up on files, currently]. thankful, but tired. 

childcare at church tonight, then i’m coming home, pajamas will be put on, i’m going to crawl into bed and watch Parenthood from last night and fall asleep. it sounds perfectly, amazing right now. 

happy wednesday. xo meg

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I’m extremely thankful to have a part-time job that can continue to offer more hours, to me. It started out as a 6hr/week position and is developing into a 15hr/week position. It’s great because they are so flexible with my class schedule, social, and family schedule. I couldn’t ask for anything better, right now. 

I’m off to work [last minute], but I hope you all have a great Thursday. xo meg

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probably the most stressful day at work, since i’ve started working here. so many things thrown onto my “plate” at once, and then things kept piling up. end of the month is crazy.

and i even have work that i brought home to try and finish. but at least i can do that in my sweat pants. 

happy monday. [it really is a good day, i just need to take deep breaths] 

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it’s one of those days.

where i look in my closet and i cannot find “anything” to wear, for work. yes i have clothes, however you can only wear the same outfits to work week in and week out. either i need to become creative or i could go out and purchase more shirts. or become satisfied with what i have. blahh. 

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