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thoughts on men wearing cut-off jean shorts?

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  1. sinclairhilk answered: No
  2. ironyandhappiness answered: Depends the guy, honestly. I don’t think Taylor Lautner should be wearing them… But I’m sure some guy out there can pull em off. (:
  3. kelseyjohnsonislegit answered: yes yes yes
  4. wildplaid answered: I don’t like it. Men should stay away from jean shorts. Although I don’t like jean shorts at all.
  5. thirdworldsturmunddrang answered: depends on the length. if it’s too short, they’re gonna loo gay.k
  6. calmingcalamity answered: Yuck!
  7. pourlajoiedevie answered: Only if he has fantastic legs…
  8. grizzliestbear answered: A very select few can pull it off. But for the most/majority… no.
  9. powturtle answered: jorts + tattoos? hot!
  10. theartoftranquility answered: if he’s good looking and wearing them with a normal t-shirt, okay.
  11. alittlelittlelover answered: Dependss. Can be a nice home-y beach kind of thing, but usually rolled up and stuff. Not for everyday.
  12. sallykatetucker answered: however odd this may sound, the shorts must be tight. that is the only time they are acceptable
  13. waiting4rufus answered: I don’t think I’ve ever seen the look pulled-off.
  14. aheartfullofspirit answered: It really depends.
  15. attillathemum answered: Not if he’s over the age of 13.
  16. redheadsanon answered: maybe, if they’re a sexy/rugged sailor type guy. haha
  17. hercrossroads answered: nooooo thank you!!!!
  18. sosimplesosweet answered: no
  19. havingreadthebook answered: Nooooo! Hemmed and neat.
  20. laviedemer answered: They definately have to go right above the knee. Some can pull it off. Not everyone.
  21. shelbyisms answered: if they’re rolled up, yes. if not, i find that it usually just looks tacky.
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